Infinifty creates NFTs with unlimited file storage and support for any type of file




NFTs with unlimited decentralised file storage


Send or sell your NFT instantly to anyone


Connect your wallet to your web browser to unlock and access stored files from anywhere

What if your NFT wore it's own Backpack that included all the assets you need to remix it, reproduce it, or take it further?

Infinifty is a frictionless web3 asset transfer platform that mints NFTs with unlimited decentralised asset storage for any digital filetype on major blockchains and tokens, and can be used with industry-leading wallets.
Access your NFTs asset storage at any time, from any device, via web browser. With support for Metamask, WalletConnect, Ethereum & Polygon. Roadmap to support BSC, Avalanche, Fantom & Solana.
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Source files, high-res versions, authenticity documents, instructions on how to display, remix or re-use your NFT. Whatever you decide to upload and store with your NFT is available to its owner to carry on where you've left off.

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Introducing Infinifty Base

Locked within every NFT minted on Infinity is a link to a digital home that can only be unlocked by its owner.

Infinifty Base is like a tiny website from where you can access those files, choose which sites and platforms can (or can't) display your NFT - and you get to customise it to make it your own.
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One-tap customisations make your Infinifty Base truly original in moments. Play with text, fonts, layouts and colours. It's online all the time, so show it off.

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Animated Filters

Bring NFTs to life with unique animated backgrounds in its Infinifty Base. Pick any image from your Storage or use Infinifty's background patterns to make sure your NFT looks like nothing else on Earth.

Welcome Most Anywhere

Connect with Metamask or WalletConnect, mint on Ethereum and Polygon, sell from open marketplaces.

Closed Beta

Era One

We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators, for free.

Through ten phases of Infinifty's Closed Beta (which we call Era's), we'll be working with the World's most exciting digital creators and brands to make special NFT experiences.

Closed Beta creators will help us explore and maximise the possibilities of what an NFT can do. By utilising your NFTs Infinifty Base you'll include source files, high-res versions, or the assets originally required to generate your NFT artwork.
As a Closed Beta creator you will be able to transfer and list your NFT wherever you like. Your Infinifty Base goes with your NFT, so if you sell or gift it, you'll be giving it's new owner a unique piece of you.

You'll add authenticity to your NFT; instruct it's new owner on how to use or display it, how to remix or reproduce it. You may want to use it to help others develop their skills better, or give them everything they need to carry on where you've left off.

Creativity is a social


The more our lives are lived online, the more it makes sense for us to create and interact with our art online. If you're new to NFTs, take a deep dive into the future of your creativity.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset (art, music, videos, collectibles, or any unique media) that is represented on a decentralised blockchain for the purpose of establishing authenticity, value and ownership. NFTs are one of the core building blocks of a new digital economy.
Worldwide, creators and teams are experimenting with NFTs for a variety of use cases, such as gaming, digital identity, licensing, certificates, and fine art. We'll take a quick look at how this technology works and how you can adopt a new system for adding value into your work.
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Why are we building Infinifty?

NFTs create opportunities for new business models that didn’t exist before. Artists can stipulate that they get some of the proceeds every time it gets resold, and owners of NFTs can re-sell their NFTs whenever they choose. Infinifty is making NFTs a useful and viable method for creators to pass on the value of their work.

Adopting NFTs into the way you find value for your creativity completely change the rules of ownership. Transactions in which ownership of something changes hands have usually depended on layers of middlemen to establish trust in the transaction, exchange contracts and ensure that money changes hands. None of this is now necessary.
The team behind Infinifty have designed platforms and tools like Fabrik and Fresh Future that have enabled creators to launch hundreds of thousands of portfolio websites. We've helped creators to express themselves online, show their work in the best way possible, amplify and grow their audiences and get paid for doing what they love. Born out of London's film and design industries, Fabrik's evolution is guided by the creators that use our platform.

With Infinifty we're using all of our experience to build the most advanced website and app platform for you to create, sell and showcase your NFTs. Infinifty Base is the first phase of a full suite of NFT products and services that will change the way you create, showcase, distribute and sell your work. Whether you're a creator or a collector, this is NFT and Beyond.

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We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators and brands for free (you only pay network gas fees). You will be able to list and sell your NFT wherever you like.

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