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Bundle your brilliant work, merch and digital experiences into secure, authenticated collectible capsules on leading blockchains.
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Upload any amount of files of any filetype to your decentralised asset storage.


Mint a unique NFT that unlocks your stored files, then send or sell your NFT instantly to anyone.


Connect the wallet holding your Infinifty NFT to your web browser to unlock and access stored files from anywhere.
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Introducing infinifty
We started with the core benefits of digital collectibles
Proven authenticity and ownership
Instantly transferable
No personally-identifying data
Sell and re-sell with creator royalties
And upgraded them with unlimited lifetime storage. Infinifty is the future of how you sell and share merch, digital work and experiences
Creatively minded
Made for brands, creators and studios
Pervasive assets
Never lose or misplace sent assets
Payment first
No late or missed payments for your work
Reward fans, event-goers and customers
Create unique, limited edition experiences
Anything digital
Bundle any filetypes of any filesize
Unlockable only by owners
Our Mission
Almost half a billion creators and independent workers from pop stars to boutique brands to code writers.

They all share a problem; the tools and infrastructure used to manage their businesses online doesn't provide enough protection and isn’t scalable for the future.

This year tens of millions will risk going out of business due to issues related to late or uncollectible payments. We're building the tools these people need to evolve their careers, amplify their audiences and get paid.
Infinifty Base
Locked within every Infinifty NFT is a link to it's digital home.

Your NFT has it's own website! Infinifty Base can only be unlocked by its owner and grants access to all the files stored with your NFT - and you also get to customise it to make it your own.
Bundle, share, sell
Package the assets your customers need to use your goods or merch in the metaverse, in games or on their own devices.

Reward fans with limited edition, bonus releases and innovative experiences.

Safely transfer certificates, documents and creative assets for clients or collaborators to remix, reproduce or take them further.

Whatever you decide to upload and store with your Infinifty NFT is only available to its owner.
One-tap customisations make your Infinifty Base truly original in moments.

We know it's important for creators and brands to keep their work and merch on-brand. Your Infinifty NFTs own website is customisable. Play with text, fonts, layouts, animated backgrounds and colours.

Bring your NFTs to life and show them off like nothing else on Earth..
Mint without compromise
Connect Infinifty to Metamask or any wallet that supports WalletConnect.

Mint in ETH, WETH and MATIC. Mint on Ethereum and Polygon.

With royalties and support for the most popular blockchains built in, your Infinifty NFTs are future-proofed. Infinifty is designed to make it easy for you to mint, sell and transfer your digital assets to anyone, anywhere.
Using Infinifty
Infinifty enables brands, artists and all types of creators to bundle truly innovative and exciting experiences into authentic and collectible packages; building and nurturing connections with fans, audiences and customers.
Add any types of media assets from video to 3D models, certificates and whatever else makes sense for your creative output. Accessible only to the owners of your NFTs, Infinifty is the next evolution in sharing and selling your creativity.
Bonbus Disc
Limited Edition

Bonus Disc

Enhance streaming audio and video releases with companion limited edition releases. Directors and artists commentary, alternate endings, deleted scenes and BTS content. You know the score.
Limited Edition
Meta Swag
Metaverse & DLC

Meta Swag

Reward fans and customers with unique digital products, gifts and branded wearables they can use in metaverse and online worlds, that reflect and represent the values of your brand and goods.
Metaverse & DLC
Pro Spec
Music & Audio

Pro Spec

Pack much more audio utility behind NFTs with lossless filetypes, remixable versions and stems, samples or app-specific files. Enable fans and producers to extend your work in all directions.
Music & Audio
Gallery Grade
Visual Arts

Gallery Grade

Infinifty's unique asset storage allows for individually numbered pieces or editions that include high res artwork, printable filetypes and all the authenticity and certification your buyer could wish for.
Visual Arts
Expansion Pack
Metaverse & DLC

Expansion Pack

A unique and truly authentic method for game studios and developers to offer new content for their titles, limited edition expansions, or expanded libraries for items, characters and objects.
Metaverse & DLC
Smart Learning

Smart Learning

Share experience and skills as unique one-off transactions, or as whole courses. Bundle video and audio content alongside tutorial demo files, examples and even promo coupons.
Client Logo

“Complete Rebranding Success with Øliv”

We approached Øliv for a complete rebranding of our company and we couldn't be happier with the results. Their market research and analysis helped us define our target audience and unique brand positioning. Their team then created a visually compelling logo and consistent branding across all touchpoints.

The new brand has helped us stand out in the market and increase sales. We highly recommend Øliv to any business looking to rebrand or refresh their brand.
Client Logo

“Expert Brand Management from Øliv”

As a growing business, it was important for us to have a strong and consistent brand. Øliv's brand management services helped us to achieve this. They conducted a thorough brand audit and provided valuable insights and recommendations.

Their ongoing monitoring and implementation of our brand has helped us maintain consistency and stay aligned with our business goals. We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend Øliv's brand management services.

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We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators and brands for free (you only pay network gas fees). You will be able to list and sell your NFTs wherever you like.
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Beta Waitlist

We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators and brands for free (you only pay network gas fees). You will be able to list and sell your NFTs wherever you like.

Waitlist entries are currently closed while we work through previous applications.

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