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See how we're building the next generation tools for brands, creators and independent workers to sell and share their merch, digital work and experiences. Explore new ways to reward and enrich your audiences and customers.
Limited Edition

Enhance the streams

Enhance streaming audio and video releases with companion limited edition releases. Directors and artists commentary, alternate endings, deleted scenes and BTS content. You know the score.
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Bonus Disc

Bonus Disc

Deluxe Edition
Tell the complete story with companion, deluxe or limited edition releases to accompany film, TV and music titles. For studios, musicians and directors who want to move past the limitations of streaming and offer the ultimate edition of their works.

Show fans of your titles what went into making it, what did and din't make the final cut, and share your journey from start to finish.
What to bundle
  • ✅   Reward fans with the ultimate edition
  • ✅   Previously unreleased audio, video and stills
  • ✅   Alternative takes, scenes, rushes and endings
  • ✅   Reveal the production behind the scenes
  • ✅   Demo's, storyboards, treatments and concept art
  • ✅   Commentary and input from crew and collaborators
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Metaverse & DLC

Style the Metaverse

Reward fans and customers with unique digital products, gifts and branded wearables they can use in metaverse and online worlds, that reflect and represent the values of your brand and goods.
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Meta Swag

Meta Swag

Ready to Wear
Give your customers digital versions of your goods to use and wear when they're exploring the Metaverse. Equip your players with the ultimate personalisation experience; custom characters, skins, and items direct to your game titles. Send your users custom filters, unique art and goodies to show off in your apps and on their devices.
What to Bundle
  • ✅   Digital wearables for Metaverse and games
  • ✅   Unique characters, items and skins
  • ✅   Campaign or collab goodies
  • ✅   Luxury and digitised items with value
  • ✅   Onboard your brand into Metaverse and games
  • ✅   Personalised user content for apps and games
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Music & Audio

Remix you to infinity

Pack much more audio utility behind NFTs with lossless filetypes, remixable versions and stems, samples or app-specific files. Enable fans and producers to extend your work in all directions.
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Pro Spec

Pro Spec

Prepare to Share
If your music is meant to be shared then allow others to take your tracks further. With support for any type or size of file - all the stems, app-specific files and samples you use in your work can be packaged up and sent or sold to your listeners and collaborators. Whatever you decide to include, or leave out, will shape the legacy of how your music is heard and loved.
What to Bundle
  • ✅   Pro Tools, Reason, Logic Pro and Ableton files
  • ✅   Lossless samples and stems
  • ✅   Alternative cuts and remixes
  • ✅   Demo's, experiments and arrangements
  • ✅   Artwork and cover art
  • ✅   Instructions, guides and learning resources
  • ✅   Custom plugins, patches and presets
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Visual Arts

Deliver absolute clarity

Infinifty's unique asset storage allows for individually numbered pieces or editions that include high res artwork, printable filetypes and all the authenticity and certification your buyer could wish for.
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Gallery Grade

Gallery Grade

Unlimited Canvas
Uncouple yourself from the filetype and filesize limitations of IPFS and NFT with the artwork you sell, or embark on your journey of selling your works as digital collectibles. Pack so much more value for your collectors by providing them with everything they need to enjoy and experience your work as you intended - whether they're the first owner or the newest owner.
What to Bundle
  • ✅   Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Affinity files
  • ✅   RAW, Lightroom or Capture One catalogs
  • ✅   High-res, print-ready or display-ready files
  • ✅   Vector, raster multi-page files like EPS,TIFF and PDF
  • ✅   Numbered, personalised or unique artwork
  • ✅   Authenticity certificates or documentation
  • ✅   Artists statements, instructions or guides
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Metaverse & DLC

Unlock new adventures

A unique and truly authentic method for game studios and developers to offer new content for their titles, limited edition expansions, or expanded libraries for items, characters and objects.
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Expansion Pack

Expansion Pack

Brand Auditing
The perfect way to deliver more adventure and rewards to your players and fans with authenticated collectibles - regardless of whether you operate paid updates and in-game purchases, play to earn, or if you're patching and updating your existing titles.
What to Bundle
  • ✅   Patches and executable game files
  • ✅   Custom libraries and mods
  • ✅   Unique characters, items and skins
  • ✅   Brand partnership tie-ins or collab goodies
  • ✅   Achievements, badges or competition swag
  • ✅   Copy or cheat protection
  • ✅   Digital companion collectibles
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Inspire fresh minds

Share experience and skills as unique one-off transactions, or as whole courses. Bundle video and audio content alongside tutorial demo files, examples and even promo coupons.
Smart Learning

Smart Learning

Brand Auditing
Engage and inspire new audiences with tailor-made classes, unique tutorials. Deliver bespoke solutions direct to your clients. Build and nurture a new marketplace to pass on your skills and knowledge in authenticated capsules and monetise your unique experiences and insight, all on your terms.
What to Bundle
  • ✅   Video or audio courses
  • ✅   Bespoke content for individual clients
  • ✅   Accompanying transcripts, demos and examples
  • ✅   Promotional discounts and coupons
  • ✅   Limited run masterclasses
  • ✅   Copy or cheat protection
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Client Logo

“Complete Rebranding Success with Øliv”

We approached Øliv for a complete rebranding of our company and we couldn't be happier with the results. Their market research and analysis helped us define our target audience and unique brand positioning. Their team then created a visually compelling logo and consistent branding across all touchpoints.

The new brand has helped us stand out in the market and increase sales. We highly recommend Øliv to any business looking to rebrand or refresh their brand.
Client Logo

“Expert Brand Management from Øliv”

As a growing business, it was important for us to have a strong and consistent brand. Øliv's brand management services helped us to achieve this. They conducted a thorough brand audit and provided valuable insights and recommendations.

Their ongoing monitoring and implementation of our brand has helped us maintain consistency and stay aligned with our business goals. We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend Øliv's brand management services.

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We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators and brands for free (you only pay network gas fees). You will be able to list and sell your NFTs wherever you like.

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We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators and brands for free (you only pay network gas fees). You will be able to list and sell your NFTs wherever you like.
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