Why we're building infinifty

Almost half a billion creators and gig workers share a problem

The infrastructure small businesses and independent workers use to sell, invoice, store and share their work online doesn't protect them and isn’t scalable to future audience demand. Getting paid and delivering their craft is prone to failure.

This year 22 million of these businesses are expected to fold through issues related to late or uncollectible payments.

We're building Infinifty to ensure you get paid and your customers will always have the assets they need.
Almost half a billion creators and independent workers from pop stars to boutique brands to code writers
GDP contribution
Together they will contribute an amazing $6.4 trillion dollars of value to the World's GDP in 2023
The number of creators and independent workers transacting online is growing by 20% year on year
<5 Employees
Almost all of the businesses owned and run by creators and independent workers have less than five employees
at risk
This year 22 million of these businesses are expected to fold through issues related to late or uncollectible payments.
Our Values

Our Vision

We envision a World where all creativity is fulfilled without limit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give half a billion creative people the tools they need to evolve their careers and build richer experiences with their audiences.

Our Team

The award-winning team behind Infinifty have designed platforms and tools that have showcased and amplified the work of hundreds of thousands of creators.

We have built scalable, profitable products that are used and trusted by tens of thousands of creators and studios to launch portfolio websites, express themselves online, grow their audiences and get paid for doing what they love.

Our Goals

With Infinifty we're using all of our experience to build the most advanced web3 platform for creators, brands and collectors to sell and showcase their brilliant work.

What we've built so far provides a strong foundation upon which creators, brands and independent workers can build closer, more rewarding relationships with their customers, fans and clients that ensures true value and transparency for everyone.

Our Roadmap

Starting with Infinifty Creator, we've already upgraded what's possible with NFT by building a fully decentralised solution for asset storage and sharing that enables anybody to share any types of digital assets.

Our next step is a completely frictionless marketplace for creators to list and sell their work in local currencies, direct to their customers.

From there we'll be building unique asset vaults to allow creators to continue to airdrop to collectibles that have already been minted and sold; this ensures more utility and value for collectors and customers without the need to expose their tokens in wallets online.

Stunning collector and creator showcase tools will follow. Whether you create or collect, the collectibles you own will shine and take on a life of their own in customisable galleries and portfolios.

To ensure the future of the collectibles you mint and own, we'll hand over governance to our community - who will then play an active part in it's health and share in the value of the platform as it grows.
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We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators and brands for free (you only pay network gas fees). You will be able to list and sell your NFTs wherever you like.
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