JOYN x Infinifty: Cohort One
JOYN x Infinifty Cohort One Open Call
Places are open for Infinifty Cohort One
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Upload any amount of files of any filetype to your decentralised asset storage.


Mint a unique NFT that unlocks your stored files, then send or sell your NFT instantly to anyone.


Connect the wallet holding your Infinifty NFT to your web browser to unlock and access stored files from anywhere.
Cohort One Open Call

How to enter

The Cohort One open call carries a 2 ETH prize pool to reward 13 digital artists who submit unique unminted artwork.

Cohort one
JOYN x Infinifty Cohort One Open Call
As we welcome traditional and web3 native artists to Infinifty, we're investing in our own distinct collection of important art.
2 ETH Prize Pool
Winning artists will mint previously unminted original art accompanied by exclusive assets. Cohort One finalist and shortlisted artworks will be bought by Infinifty using our 2 $ETH prize pool.
Unminted Pieces
To support more creators and artists Cohort One will be limited to previously unminted artworks. Join the Infinifty waitlist to begin.
3 Finalists
The first prize winning piece will be bought by Infinifty for 0.5 $ETH. Second and third prize pieces will be bought for 0.25 $ETH each.
10 Shortlists
Ten shortlist pieces will be bought by Infinifty for 0.1 $ETH each. We look for originality and don't focus on disciplines or tools.
Unique Art
Our curator team are building a collection of art that aligns with our vision of supporting independent artists and creators. We advocate talent, not hype.
Permanent Collection
Up to 3 pieces will be permanently held by Infinifty. We take our community seriously - buying and holding art helps safeguard the livelihoods of artists.
Exclusive Utility
Each applicable artwork in Infinifty's Cohort One will contain exclusive assets uploaded by the artist that compliment and enhance the value of the minted piece.
Cohort One artists
Infinifty creator

Infinifty is building the future of how creators and brands sell digital merch, work and experiences

Infinifty adds two significant utility features to your NFTs. Bundle unlimited additional files into your NFT, and give your NFT it's own website.

As one of the first to access our closed beta, please use Infinifty responsibly.

Unlimited file storage

Package the assets your customers need to use your goods or take your work further.

Reward fans with limited edition, bonus releases and innovative experiences.

Safely transfer documents and creative assets for clients or collaborators to remix, reproduce or work on.

Whatever you decide to upload and store with your Infinifty NFT is only available to its owner.

Infinifty Base Website

Locked within every Infinifty NFT is a link to it's digital home.

Your NFT has it's own website! Infinifty Base can only be unlocked by its owner and grants access to all the files stored with your NFT.

Infinifty NFT websites have customisable text, fonts, layouts, backgrounds and colours.

Bring your NFTs to life and show them off like nothing else on Earth..

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Beta Waitlist

We're launching Infinifty with the promise to mint 1000 original NFTs by truly amazing creators and brands for free (you only pay network gas fees). You will be able to list and sell your NFTs wherever you like.
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